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What are two benefits that virtual machines provide over physical machines? (Choose two.)

A. VMs with different operating systems can run on the same physical machine.

B. VMs can be isolated from one another on the same network switch.

C. VMs can access large Storage Area Networks (SANs).

D. VMs can be isolated from one another even on the same physical machine.

Answer: AD

What are three ways Data Center Virtualization can be beneficial? (Choose three.)

A. It decentralizes resource management.

B. It increases hardware utilization.

C. It enables the policy-based allocation of resources.

D. It reduces capital and operating costs.

E. It reduces application provisioning time.

Answer: ABD

What is the network technology used by VMware Software-Defined Data Centers to virtualize network resources?

A. vSphere Network I/O Control



D. vCloud Networking and Security

Answer: C

Which two vSpheie 6.x technologies simplify management in data centers with multiple vCenter instances? (Choose two.)

A. Distributed Resource Scheduler

B. Content Library

C. Long Distance vMotion

D. vSphere Distributed Switch

Answer: BC

An operator is searching for all virtual machines with the text SQL in the name and a Guest OS type of Windows Server 2012 Datacenter Edition R2. Which is the minimum search type that can be used to meet this requirement, and what results will be supplied?

A. A Simple Search, which will show all results.

B. An Advanced Search, which will show only results that the operator has permissions to view.

C. An Advanced Search, which will show all results.

D. A Simple Search, which will show only results that the operator has permissions to view.

Answer: B

Which two are valid descriptions of how Storage DRS is used in a vSphere implementation? (Choose two.)

A. It keeps workloads on storage devices more evenly balanced.

B. It reclaims overprovisioned capacity to increase resource utilization.

C. It monitors the storage habits of virtual machines.

D. It allows you to set shares on VMFS datastores to manage congestion.

Answer: AC

When powering off a vApp, in which order are the virtual machines powered off?

A. From highest to lowest startup order.

B. In the order in which they were powered on.

C. In alphabetical order by virtual machine name.

D. From highest to lowest network bandwidth consumption.

Answer: A

What two objects can be managed when selecting a vSphere Distributed Switch from the Network inventory hierarchy in the vSphere Web Client? (Choose two.)

A. Distributed Ports

B. Distributed Port Groups

C. Uplink Port Groups


Answer: AB

Which two resources are the most impacted in the infrastructure sprawl experienced in non-virtualized data centers? (Choose two.)

A. Power

B. Network

C. Compute

D. Storage

Answer: AD

Which two storage virtualization technologies can be used to mitigate the effects of latency during peak load periods? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual Volumes

B. Virtual SAN

C. Storage I/O Control

D. Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler

Answer: CD


Killtest 1V0-621試験を取得するには、VCA6-DCV資格の要件をしっかりと理解する必要があります。VCA6-DCV認定1V0-621試験は勉強者の知識レベルがどれくらいなのかを確認するスキル確認、Killtest問題集の使用を推薦します。KilltestのVCA6-DCV認定資格トレーニングVMware Certified Associate 6 – Data Center Virtualization Exam試験の参考書を使って、1V0-621試験中、的中率の高さに驚かされっぱなしでした。Killtestの1V0-621試験の無料サンプルを使用してから、VCA6-DCV認定1V0-621試験をパスするのに自信を持っています。Killtestは受験生の要求をよく知っています。しかも、他のどのサイトよりも良いサービスを提供します。

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